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Arrival times, Luggage, Kit List,etc


To make everything run smoothly, we operate the following schedule.  

  • Arrival Time - please arrive at the time specified in your itinerary. 

  • Kitting out and briefing - usually takes about half an hour

  • Accommodation and Luggage Deliveries - your room  and luggage will be ready for you at 4pm each afternoon

  • Luggage in the mornings, please take your luggage down to the reception by 10 am, ready for collection.

  • On your last day please make sure you get back to Petchfield Farm by 5pm.  If you need to make an early departure, let us know and we will make sure the luggage is ready for you.

All these details are in your personalised itinerary   If you are delayed on your journey, or you need to alter any of these timings before you come on your holiday, just let us know and we will sort it out for you.

We have also made some changes to cope with Covid19 issues, please read our special Covid-19 page for up to date information


When you arrive at our base, we label up your luggage with delivery details for your holiday itinerary. Luggage has to be lifted in and out of cars and up and down steps. If you find it difficult to lift your bags, so will we!

Here are some top tips for your luggage

  • Not too heavy - do not exceed 10 -15kg per bag

  • Bags per person -  2 bags per person

  • Closed securely - please zip up, no open bags

  • Breakables - if you want us to transfer them, please wrap securely in strong closed bag

  • If you have bags you don't need on your cycling holiday, we are happy to store them whilst you're away.



Like any outdoor sport the key to enjoying your cycling holiday is the right clothes.  We carry your luggage and deliver it to your accommodation each night so you always have a change of clothes for enjoying the local inns and restaurants.

Specialist cycling clothing is not essential, but it is of course designed to make you comfortable when cycling.  During the cycling day, layers are always best, so you can adjust according to the weather and the amount of heat you generate. Brightly coloured or Hi–viz tops are always a good idea. 

Our clients top items of specialist kit are:

  • Padded shorts  everyone recommends these, however our saddles are chosen for comfort, so the choice is yours.

  • Bike shoes: Always give you extra pedalling power.  If you have cleated shoes remember to bring your pedals and we will fit them to your bike.

  • Bike helmet: Please bring your own helmet with you.


We provide:

  • Holiday hybrid touring bikes

  • Panniers - handlebar bag and a pannier on a rack at the back

  • Basic tool kit - pump, lock, puncture repair kit etc

  • Detailed route guides and maps

  • Cycle helmets if required (not during covid19)

  • Water bottles if required (not during covid19)

  • Gel saddle covers if required (not during covid19)


We recommend you bring:

  • Comfortable cycling clothing

  • Brightly coloured or High-viz top

  • Waterproof - a lightweight waterproof jacket is an essential

  • Energy snacks

  • Small first aid kit 

  • Mobile phone with a UK SIM

  • Reusable water bottle

  • Your own Cycle Helmet

  • Sun cream




Food.  Is of course, really important to a great cycling holiday.  Lack of food can cause a sense of humour failure (and wobbly legs)... so here are some key points to remember

  • The routes are designed so that there is somewhere to eat or drink approx 5-9 miles after you start from Petchfield Farm

  • When you are cycling, make sure that you keep your energy levels up. It’s always best to stop at the first teashop/inn, rather than holding out for the next one along.  The route notes point out the pubs/teashops enroute.

  • Carry a picnic or a few snacks in your pannier– just in case you arrive at the pub/teashop at the wrong time.  

  • All overnight accommodation is located within a short walk of one or more restaurants or inns.     

Banks and money.  There are very few banks in this area, so plan ahead.  Larger businesses such as inns and restaurants do take credit cards,and/or contactless payments.   But many smaller businesses (e.g. tearooms) do not, so you will need some cash.  You will find banks in all the larger market towns, Post Offices also act as banks and some small supermarkets have cash machines.  Ask your host for the nearest cash point.  American Express and Diners cards are not commonly accepted for credit card payments.


Mobile phones and Wifi.  This is a very rural area, and its a great opportunity to get away from city life, and the demands of modern technology.   But if you need to keep in touch, here's a quick guide of what to expect.

Phones - Coverage in this area can be patchy, for all networks.  Usually you can get phone reception by just moving further along your route.  But if you want friends and relatives to have an emergency contact number, please let them have our phone number and we can forward messages to your accommodation.  

Wifi -  All accommodations now have Wifi, ask your host for the password.  However Broadband strength in the area  is not strong (so streaming films and games is limited), and in some more rambling historic houses, you might find there is only one place in the house with Wifi.