Cycling holidays in the UK
Eco -friendly  cycle holidays  in the borders of England and Wales

Eco- Friendly Cycling Holidays

Cycling holidays are definitely an eco friendly holiday.  Our prime purpose when we set up Wheely Wonderful Cycling all those years ago, was to encourage people to  think about getting away from their car and enjoying a cycling holiday.  So we designed cycling holidays that anyone could undertake, especially novice cyclists for whom this was a new idea and a new adventure. Initially we provided cycling short breaks to give people a taster of the fun, to encourage them to take more frequent  and longer cycling holidays. 


Our own cycle touring holidays had involved long distances and camping.... we didn't think that this would be everybody's idea of fun, so Wheely Wonderful Cycling holidays included bike rides of 20 -30 miles per day, overnight stops in B&Bs and hotels and luggage transfers each day.  Twenty nine years later, we have welcomed thousands of cyclists onto our cycling holidays and we know that they have carried on cycle touring in this country and abroad.


So why are we worrying about greening Wheely Wonderful Cycling?  Aren't cycling holidays totally eco friendly?  We have always been conscious of our environmental footprint and there is always rooms for improvement.  so here is a brief run down of how we are trying to make our cycling holiday truly eco friendly and sustainable. 

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