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Cycling Holiday Bikes and Equipment

All bikes and equipment are included in these holidays, but if you’ve a favourite saddle, or special pedals, do bring them along and we will fit them for you.

Our holiday hybrid touring bikes: We use excellent bikes made by Trek for all our cycling holidays. They’ve all been specifically designed for road cycling (but also cope with tracks, with care). We think they are brilliant ...not only really well made and easy to maintain but above all a real pleasure to ride. We make sure you get the correct frame size...its important to tell us your accurate height, and any special requirements.

Trek hybrid
Trek hybrid

E-bikes: If you feel you may need some extra assistance up some of those hills, ask for our electric bike option. Suitable for all our holidays apart from the "challenge" tours.

E-bike front hub

Brushless front wheel drive and rack battery

Tandems. Why not try a tandem for a cycling holiday? Great fun and very fast on the flat. Also ideal if your partner is unsure about their cycling ability. If you haven’t used a tandem before, we give you plenty of guidance.


Mountain Bikes. If you would prefer to use mountain bikes, let us know. These are ideal for off road cycling, but there are no racks or mudguards fitted. 21 gears, aluminium tubing, front suspension and very trendy 


Children's bikes & trailers. We have a wide range of children’s bikes, child seats and attachments. Buggies - for children aged 2 yrs to 4 yrs. Towed by the parent, weatherproof & great fun for the child… plenty of room for picnics & other essentials. 


Tag-along bikes for children aged 4 yrs to 8 yrs. Attaches to the adult bike turning it into a “Tandem”. The child pedals & helps cycle … but if they get tired you can tow them. It’s very popular because by 4 yrs they are fed up with the child seat & want more action…. But you have complete control over their activity on the road!

Trailer bike

Gel covers. All the bikes have really comfortable saddles. But if you want extra padding, let us know & we will fit you with a gel cover!

Panniers. We send you off with a day pannier each - just the right size for the essentials - we carry the rest.

Cycle Safety Helmets, not compulsory, but recommended. We recommend you bring your own helmet, but we have helmets available for customer use, if you don't have the space to bring your own.  

Slime. We put “Slime” in all our inner tubes; this helps to prevent 90% of all known punctures. We think its great stuff - but don’t forget we will always come out and rescue you. 

Locks & security. Each bike is supplied with a lock (and key). Always make sure your bike is locked securely. Overnight all bikes are locked into a secure building at your accommodation.

Own bikes. If you prefer to use your own bikes, then feel free to bring them along. We will check them over before you start off on your trip… and still come and rescue you if it breaks down. We give you a small discount (£10 per day) if you bring your own bikes.

Saddles and pedals.  We have really comfy saddles and standard pedals.  You are welcome to bring your own saddle or cleated pedals and we will change them over for you.

Maps and route guides. For all our holidays we specialise in providing unique maps and route guides. Routes are described in great detail and also show lots of places of interest, local history & refreshment stops. 

Map carriers: For the cycling holidays maps are carried in the front handlebar bags, making it easy to read at all times. On Walking holidays you have a special pouch to hold the maps, route guide & compass

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