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Covid-19 Precautions for 2024

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It’s essential that you…

Have appropriate travel insurance so that if you fall ill or test positive for COVID-19 prior to (or during) your tour, you will be financially covered for cancelling your trip. 


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What special Covid-19 precautions do you take for my holiday ? 

We have made some simple, but effective, alterations to our working processes, to make sure that we comply with government guidance on Coronavirus precautions.  


Two weeks before your holiday: You will receive your route guide.  Print this out, or download the pdf to your phone.  Please read through and check if you need to book any meals or places to visit in advance.  Visit their website or Facebook. Remember to look at our holiday information pages on our website, for kit lists and useful tips.


Bring with you: Helmets, pre filled water bottles, your own supplies of hand sanitiser for use on your holiday. 


Arrival time: We will have agreed an arrival time at our base Petchfield Farm.  You must arrive at the specified time.  We need to be precise about this as we need time to clean between arrivals.  Please ring if you are held up enroute. 


Bikes and equipment:  Bikes, panniers, maps, toolkits, locks, pumps etc will all be waiting for you, with name labels.  All bikes and equipment are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected before each use.

Briefing: We will talk you through the route (spare copies are available if needed) and show you how the bike is set up and give guidance on using the gears, brakes etc as usual.


On your bike: Have a great time.  The cycling is wonderful, be prepared to book ahead for evening meals.  Make sure you bring some snacks with you and always take advantage of open village shops and tea rooms for extra drinks and picnics.  


Out and about:  please remember to follow the normal government guidance.  Everyone is very pleased to welcome our visitors back, but please remember to be considerate of other people’s space and wellbeing.


Taxis: If a taxi journey is part of your holiday, please wear a mask and keep the windows open during the journey.


Accommodation: Have gone to great lengths to give you extra space and have ramped up their already formidable cleaning practices.  Please help them by following any precautions they have put into action.

Evening meals:  It's a good idea to book your evening meals in advance.  


When you return:  At the end of a wonderful cycling trip, your luggage and car keys will be waiting for you.  It would be helpful if you could ring us some time on your last day’s cycling so that we know when to expect you.  

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