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Electric bike

Electric Bikes on Cycling Holidays

Guaranteed to add a smile to your face when cycling.  Electric bikes are easy to use, and make light work of any hills you may come across.  They are ideal if you are worried about how far you can cycle, or if you need to keep up with a faster cyclist in your group!  We have a very good range of e-bikes to fit most sizes, from 4'11" (150 cm) to 6'2" (188 cm). Most e-bikes have a dropped frame, to suit both male and female riders, making it easier to get on and off, if you are not so flexible!

Electric bikes have a range of about 30-40 miles per day, depending on how they are used. Eco or light use they will go for 40-45 miles. But heavy use, up lots of hills and/or extra weight, will reduce this to 25-30 miles. Our e-bikes are fully equipped and also have 21 well ranged gears. Perfect for all our "Easy" and "Easy/Moderate" cycling holidays. 

Electric bike

Rear rack battery, front hub motor, dropped alloy frame, 21 gears, fully equipped with pannier and mudguards ...perfect for all our cycling holidays.

Electric bike in Ludlow

Here's a section of cycling holidays that are best suited for our electric "e-bikes".

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